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Mortgages are among the biggest financial commitments you’re likely to make. You need a broker that understands your family’s needs. You need the Cartier Advantage.

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Meet Tammy Cartier

Hello and welcome to Cartier Mortgages. We’re backed by a team of mortgage experts with over 140 years of combined mortgage, banking, and real estate experience. Tammy’s success over the past 14 years has earned her multiple top producer awards in the mortgage industry.  As a client, you can expect:

  • Absolute attention to detail
  • Coaching and education for each product related to your unique needs
  • A broker that truly cares about saving your family money.
While rates and products are very important, Tammy’s passion for people sets her apart. At Cartier mortgages, you aren’t just a number. We value the relationship with each and every client.

Do you want your mortgage paid off sooner?

Cartier mortgages have access to a lender and product that will give you flexibility to create a brighter financial future. This exciting product helps business owners, retirees, and families repay their debt more quickly. You’ll get convenient access to extra funds while saving yourself money!

Refinance products are everywhere, BUT FEW IF ANY have the power to drastically reduce your amortization they way our product can.


You need the help of a mortgage professional to make the right decisions.

Home Purchase Advice & Services
Shop all the Banks
Lowest Rates
Self-employed / New to Canada
Lower your monthly payments


Most homeowners simply sign the lenders renewal without shopping for the best rate and terms.

We shop for you, no charge
No cost switch program
Canada's best prepayment options


Mortgage refinance can prove beneficial in several ways.

Get cash out for any purpose
Consolidate high interest credit cards
Lower your monthly payments
Renovations and home improvements
Programs for self-employed

How can you save money on your mortgage payments?

There are a number of financial products you may not be aware of that can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the term of your mortgage. Expert financial advice to help you live better. It’s the Cartier Advantage.

Customer reviews

What are people saying?

Tammy has been a cornerstone of my real estate business. I have come to rely on her heavily for her expertise, professionalism, and client care. She is extremely thorough when she vets clients file so I trust the numbers we are working with.

I have really come to appreciate her hands-on, patient approach with clients...especially those first time buyers who always need a bit more attention! I know it's going to be a smooth deal when my clients are working with Tammy !
Tammy and her team were wonderful to work alongside. They helped us to consider financial options that worked for our lives. They were efficient, diligent, caring, and thoughtful. If you are looking for a team that treats you and your finances with the utmost care, I highly recommend Tammy.

Seriously Tammy, I cannot thank you enough. You saved our house J and also got us exactly what we needed in Glenmore. We did two mortgages this time and it was far less stressful that any other major financial transaction. I will keep sending people your way! Heather

Saving families money every day.

Everyone needs someone in their corner. Tammy will work for you to negotiate better rates and friendlier terms. It’s her commitment to every client.

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